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Our ecommerce fulfilment Service

Trying to sort it out directly with the company who sent it out can be a daunting and dispirting process. In today‘s global market a lot of companies don‘t have the time or capacity to make a good enough job of fulfilling their orders, and with this any goodwill the company hopes to generate will naturally diminish. This is where RMI Services can help.

Operating since 1956, RMI Services, formerly Kersten Promotions, is the UK‘s oldest established product fulfilment company. Back in those halcyon days applications were hand-written, fulfilment was relatively stock intensive and of course there was no internet. Almost everything was manual. In today‘s world of multi-channel eCommerce Fulfilment, new technology has revolutionized the fulfilment market, although the need to send consumers the right products to the right consumers in a timely fashion remains as important as ever to a business‘s overall success.

As an outsourced eCommerce fulfilment company operating for 60 years in the promotional marketing industry, RMI Services offers a comprehensive end-to-end and wide range of product fulfilment services. Whether you are a brand leader or a start-up ecommerce business, we can provide you with high-quality and cost-effective product fulfilment solutions, no matter how large or small.

Our Process

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We’ve been running a fulfilment centre for 60 years. Our order fulfilment service is second to none and we are able to negotiate the lowest delivery services cost with all UK courier service providers – including Royal Mail – allowing our clients to benefit directly from these savings. Orders received by an agreed cut off time each afternoon are dispatched the same day with an option to deliver the next business day. Our fully integrated fulfilment process means consumers are continually updated on their order‘s progress, and can get tracking information from the moment the parcel leaves our warehouse.



Stock Management

With a warehouse of over 30,000 square feet and systems in place to ship a wide range of products throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. RMI boasts modern storage facilities protected by state of the art alarm systems and video surveillance. The company maintains a policy of regular stock control, which includes a physical stock check each month and the continuous monitoring of all re-order levels. We handle a wide range of items from beauty products and perfumes to health supplements, clothing and electronic goods. Many of our clients sell on their own websites and third-party platforms such as eBay and Amazon and RMI can seamlessly integrate with these too. We have a walk-by pick and pack system which directs us to the quickest route round the warehouse when picking products and straightforward goods-in requirements, allowing our client’s suppliers to ship directly to us so reducing costs.



When we handle your shipping and warehousing all of your stock levels, reorder alerts and tracking deliveries and returns is done for you. No more headaches worrying about running out of stock, tracking nightmares, handling returns. We leave you free to concentrate on the important things like selling your products and managing your business. We will provide you with regular stock reports, tracking advice and anything else to do with your stock and deliveries.


Customer Service

In addition to our fulfilment services, we offer a full range of customer support services. Our staff liaise with consumers directly via the phone and email, typically answering queries relating to consumer orders. Through our up-to-date systems all our staff have real-time information on the fulfilment and delivery status of every order, so can provide definitive answers there and then. Any orders placed can be edited right up until the minute they are picked, so we can accommodate any last-minute changes, including updating addresses, adding or removing items or changing the postage mechanism.

Returns Handling

One inevitability of fulfilment is that some customers will always choose to send their items back. Every client has a different way of managing their ‘returns‘. We can handle customer returns, log them and either put the product back into stock or re-despatch where necessary.

Competitive Pricing

As a family company which has strived to keep overheads at a minimum, RMI is able to provide the most cost-effective solutions in the fulfilment industry, period. With us there‘s no hidden fees or complicated cost structures.

Our Clients

We provide order fulfilment solutions for leading leisure brands, fashion retailers, global manufacturers, media groups, and to small e-businesses, start-up mail order companies, and charities.