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RMI Services Fulfilment


The Very Best Prices For Shipping!

We ship thousands of parcels to every part of the UK and overseas. We can negotiate the very best prices and pass these on to you! This means you can offer your ecommerce customers a super low rate or next day, tracked delivery.


Inventory Management & Returns

Our expert staff will manage all of your stock in our state of the art warehouses. We keep track of what is sent out, what is returned and keep you informed so that you can reorder as stocks get low. Sick of returns? We'll handle them so you don't have to!


No Job Too Small or Too Big!

At RMI services we know that everyone has to start somewhere. So whether you are a newbie to eCommerce looking for help, or a multinational needing a fully customisable fulfilment service, we can help. Our fulfilment experts will be happy to tailor a service to suit your needs and your budget.


Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Whether you're selling from your website, eBay, Amazon or all of the above, don't worry we'll help you set up multi-channel integration to automate the whole process so that you make money while you get on with your life! Isn't that why you got into eCommerce in the first place?

RMI have been leaders in product fulfilment for 60 years. We're experts in pick and pack fulfilment and shipping, and we want to help you grow your business.

We offer full warehousing and inventory management using the very latest warehouse management systems.

We will pick and pack to an agreed specification, ship anywhere in the world, track parcels and handle returns and inspections.

We will even provide a service helpline for your customers to check on availability and orders.


About Us

“I switched to RMI Services last year and since then my business has doubled in turnover because I finally have time to work on the business instead of constantly dealing with orders and shipping!”

Poppy Palmer
Founder & CEO, www.PoppyPalmer.com

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