Other Services:Print and Web design

We are a full service design studio, offering everything from branding and logo design, advertising and marketing materials, to website design and online marketing. We believe it is of paramount importance to create eye-catching solutions for print and web based projects if they are to achieve their objectives.

How we work

We employ experienced staff who fully understand every phase of the design and production process.

Dedicated Designers

RMI Services are proud to guarantee a successful outcome from every design project we undertake.

Concept to Completion

From packaging design to high-profile advertising, we monitor our work in detail from concept to completion.

Contract Packagingand Laser Print Production

RMI Services specialises in the fulfilment of a wide selection of many different co-packing assignments. No matter whether the project is big or small, simple or complex, all of our clients receive the same valued service – all to very tight deadlines. RMI has a variety of continuous and sheet-feed laser printers which can produce mailings of different sizes from A6 to A3, including straightforward acknowledgement letters, direct mail letters, direct mail letters with attached coupon(s), direct mail letters with attached cheque and duplex direct mail letters. We also have an extensive font library which includes fonts for barcodes and we can encode more sophisticated data matrix and QR applications. Such mailings are typically sent to either consumers who have signed up to a manufacturer‘s loyalty scheme, or carefully targeted select groups whom the manufacturer believes might use the product provided they either knew about it or had some incentive to buy it. These types of mailings have proved an excellent way of establishing brand loyalty and keeping consumers who may have recently switched brands.

Our Clients Include:

Our Clients Include:

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