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Money-off coupons are also  a way of obtaining valuable market research information and can be used to generate both consumer and retail data and identify purchasing trends.

Processing thousands of coupons from retailers on a daily basis, RMI prides itself on having one of the fastest turnaround times in coupon redemption.

Response times have been slashed from the industry standard of 28 days to an average of five, ensuring retailers receive their cheques as early as possible.

coupon processing

Barcoding coupons is now of increasing importance and a result RMI can provide a wide range of different breakdowns, such as coupon volumes, regional analysis etc, all of which is made possible through barcode analysis.

RMI can process coupons using the following technologies:

• Optical Character Reader – Has capacity to read up to a quarter of a million coupons a day
• Automated Barcode Scanner – Can scan 60,000 coupons per day
• Manual Barcode Scanner – The straightforward way of reading barcodes

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